Endings to Beginnings

Endings to Beginnings

Brad Young

Jill, when well, loved to plant bulbs, rose bushes, and hydrangeas. She also put up with my tiny plot garden at the Jersey Shore.  

She was in her element in nature and with people.  Walks with our girls and neighbors’ kids were her favorite. Whether looking for wonderfully weathered sea glass or spotting chipmunks at Huber Woods, she enjoyed the outdoors. 

We lost Jill to brain cancer in the summer of 2017.   She was far too young and still had so much to offer our girls, her family, friends, and the world.  She had a warmth and joy about her that were genuine. 

“Forthright,” my brother Barry called her at our wedding. That drew laughs as those that knew her knew he was being understated. Jill loved to hear about what was really happening, not simply what people wanted to show, but what they were afraid to show. She made us feel safe, heard, and special. She was both beautiful and unassuming. 

Cancer impacted her for years in difficult to understand ways. Brain cancer, in particular, was very rough. She was sick more than normal, slept late, and forgot things. Her amazing wit was taken in the end by the cancer cells. But her love never died. Her last days were spent peacefully with family and friends and when all she could do was speak with her eyes, she spoke clearly of her deep, unwavering love.


Best in health,

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