My Ah-Ha Moment

My Ah-Ha Moment

Brad Young

Man “AHa!” Moment

Growing up near dairy farms, milk, butter, ice cream and cheese were part of the fabric of my youth.  Friends and teammates had farms, my dad sold farm insurance and my ancestors had been farmers. 

“Milk - it does a body good.” “Got Milk?”  “Make mine milk!”

With slogans like this and our community’s dairy ties, it’s no wonder I loved all things milk. I could polish off cheese and ice cream like I was a fast-eating contestant. 

Then I read (well, listened to it on audiobook) The China Study.  It burst my previously held belief in milk.  I really can’t think of anything that changed my mind as much as The China Study.  

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, exposed me to the dramatic side effects of casein, a protein in milk products.  Through repeated animal experiments he was able to show a profound connection between higher than optimal levels of casein and the development of cancer tumors.   

My maternal grandfather, Russell A. Baker was a pillar of his community who passed away at 57 of stomach cancer.  Later I learned that he was a lover of butter -adding large quantities to bread and entrees. 

When I made this connection, I immediately realized that I needed to replace or eliminate dairy.  So I did this right away and combined this with the elimination of processed sugars and a dramatic reduction in oil.  

At the same time I ate lots - of healthy greens, berries, onions, mushrooms and beans - what Dr. Fuhrman named GBOMBS. 

What an incredible feeling to lose over 70 pounds - nearly 30% of my body weight!  

I highly recommend reading or listening to The China Study or reading the summary from that is linked here.

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