The Pasta, Vegie and Zoodle Sauce Collection

Sauces that are united by being convenient, flavorful and healthy.  Any of these sauces can be combined with zoodles in one pan and heated. We call these dishes "7 minute zoodles" (who remembers seven minute abs?)

The collection includes:

Butternut Chipotle -  a "cling to the pasta " creamy, sweet, tangy sauce with a little heat introduced by the Chipotle,

Red Lentil Arrabiata a spicy and richly textured arrabiata sauce that is our favorite (we know -  we shouldn't pick favorites!). 

Clean and Classic Marinara - we kept the flavor while removing or drastically reducing sugar, salt and oil.  Great on pasta, great on pizza.

Tuscan Sweet Potato -  A more savory approach that utilizes sweet potato in a unique way.  This creamy sauce also makes a flavorful addition to wraps and pitas.