We believe living young means taking nourishment from the most nutrient-dense and healthiest foods.  Our foods are based on a whole food, nutrient-dense, plant based diet.  Nearly all of our foods are vegan, dairy-free, non-gmo, no or low salt, sugar and oil.

Made in Vermont, live young kitchen strives to create foods that are sourced with the most local, highest quality, natural ingredients.

Our mission:

To improve health by creating and delivering food that is great tasting, convenient, highly nutritious and makes eating other nutritious foods easier. 

Our Values:

- Honesty and transparency. We share as much as possible about our business and our products.  This includes being transparent and up front with ingredients, nutrition and sourcing. 

- Respect - For customers, team members, farmers, partners and our environment

- Sharing - As a low-profit, limited liability company (Young Hill Health, L3C) we strive - through our products, classes, content and marketing - to empower and enable nutritional excellence.