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Live Young

My wife died of brain cancer in 2017.  I was raising two teenage girls and after losing my wife, I weighed 255 pounds, had high blood pressure and very high cholesterol. 

I suddenly had this overwhelming fear that something bad medically happen to me since I was very obese. Fear set in as I realized that I was it as far as a parent for Meg and Catherine.  They needed me.  My own parents had both died far too young - deaths that may well have been delayed decades with a better diet.

One Sunday evening I decided that,  instead of trying to lose 5 or 10 pounds, I needed to become radically healthy.  I made myself a pledge to lose 70 pounds.   I completely followed the teachings or the following doctors:  Campbell, Fuhrman, Greger, Esselstyn, McDougal.  I devoured some amazing books. The most meaningful was The China Study.

I immediately embarked on a nutrient dense, whole food, plant based diet with no added oils, processed sugars or salt.   The weight loss was fast and steady.  I mixed in intermittent fasting (which was easy with so much fiber from plants).  And in 6 months I had lost 70 pounds.   

Friends and family would ask me how I did it and to make meals for them.  Guests staying with me and eating my meals lost weight and those that ate the meals said that they really liked them.

"This tastes so good that I’d eat this healthy everyday if only I had the time."

Those words gave me the inspiration to start live young kitchen.  They convinced me that if there was more great tasting, convenient and really healthy food, there’d be more people ready to eat it.

So I decided I would share what I’ve learned and make great food with great health for others.  I’m starting with a line of locally sourced, tasty and healthy convenient veggie sauces with no added oils, no refined sugars, and very little added salt.  Sauces include Vegan Maple Barbecue Sauce, Butternut Chipotle Sauce, Butternut Cream Sauce and Sweet Potato Curry.

These sauces are created to add local simplicity to preparing  zoodles, cooked and raw veggies and greens, pasta, rice and noodles. They are a way to put great health on great health and as great tasting backup plans for busy evenings.  

Thank you for your interest.

Wishing you great health.