Live Young Kitchen is a social enterprise. We are a low profit, limited liability company based in Vermont.    We formed this was to ensure that profit wasn’t the only motive. 

Our health is our mission.

Environmental Responsibility 

The health of our bodies starts with the health of our planet.  That’s why we take many steps to ensure that our impact on the environment.

1.  Renewable clean solar-powered home office.

2.  Reusable, Recyclable Glass Jars and Bottles.  They are thicker than many which means they can be reused after being sanitized.  They also are great for use as storage for beans, seeds, nuts or as a great smoothie glass.

3.  No bubble wrap in our shipping. Corrugated cardboard wrap is used to pack our shipped foods.  It costs a more, but the Earth is worth it!

4. Plant based and Vegan Foods use far fewer resources, 


5. Non-GMO


4.  Composting the small amount of veggies we are left with.

 Social Responsibility

 1. Imprived 

Vermont Food Bank - We are 



2. Glass bottles.   We use glass instead of plastic.   It’s strong and reusable glass, perfect for reuse as home storage.